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Hi Dixon


A big thanks to you for your countless hours you and the team invested to make this another successful RAGBRAI.


Though the south route was more difficult for me the camps you found for us were outstanding.  Every year I meet a few more people who join the group and though I grumbled I will not come back if the route is south again I know I will.  It's the smaller club atmosphere where everyone is genuinely happy and willing to help another rider.

Hats off to the behind-the-scenes crew who lugged baggage, bikes and set up camp each day.  What an amazing group of people.  

I wish I had the ability to participate in more QCBC functions but being in Chicago suburb squashes that.


Well done!  I will be back.


Sheryl Kindl

Lombard, Illinois




Thank you so much for helping make the kids RAGBRAI so memorable. They had a great time.


Mark Stewart

Moline, Illinois


Hi Dixon,


I just wanted to thank you and your QCBC team for another great experience on RAGBRAI 2019. Great attention to detail including the charging stations, kybos, road signs and luggage service. All the staff had positive attitudes and were very helpful.


Best Regards,


David Phair

Pickering, Ontario


QCBC members and organizers,


Many thanks for yet another FANTASTIC, well organized year.  I don’t know how you do it – but you do keep getting better every year. Shady spots to camp, close to showers, toilets, busses, ice cold beer and beverages, charging facilities.  Amazing how many more people we keep meeting every year with absolutely amazing stories and history.  Even though we are almost 1000 kilometers away, it feels like we have made many new friends. So nice to see familiar, friendly faces on this epic ride.  Your organization from registration, loading, to packed pickup to getting us back to Bettendorf is FIRST CLASS.  Thank you for all the hard work, hours at the computer, slugging, etc.


Lori Clancy

Mooretown, Ontario


Dixon & Paul - 


Thanks again for everything you guys do to make this event great. 

I'm always amazed at how easy you make it all seem. 

This is a first class operation that I'm proud to be a member of!


Thanks and see you next year for the big 5-0!


Chris Feld

Lee's Summit, Missouri




Thanks for your patience and all you do!

It is greatly appreciated!

Thanks and best wishes,


Tom Wilson,

Naperville, Illinois




Hi Dixon,


Hope all is well and that everything for RAGBRAI went according to plan.  I know several people who rode the full week and they only had good things to say.  My friend, Richard Lotz, rode with QCBC (his first time on RAGBRAI) and though worried about the crowds before the ride, he had a great time and QCBC took excellent care of him.


I am about to be on an Iowa adventure of my own... as I am moving to Cedar Rapids at the end of this month!  So I just wanted to check in and see if you were able to resell my RAGBRAI and/or QCBC credentials.  Let me know whenever you get a chance and also if a forwarding address is needed for anything.  I will be here in Galesburg until the last week of August (I think) but I will be in Iowa after that.  I will change my address in the QCBC database as soon as I am in Iowa.


Anyway, thanks for any and all help - past, present, future...  Please let me know of any problems, questions, news, etc.


Best to you and all there,


Bob Lovejoy

Galesburg, Illinois



Hi Dixon,


Thanks again for your RAGBRAI support this year.

It definitely made it happen for me.

Back in the land of fog!


Mary Stern

San Francisco, California



Dixon - thanks for your hard work again on the ride. Your effort made the week much more enjoyable.   Already looking forward to next year.  

Mike Jones


Hi Dixon,

I just wanted to thank you and your QCBC team for another great experience on RAGBRAI 2019. 

Great attention to detail including the charging station, kybo's, road signs, luggage service.  All the staff had positive attitudes and were very helpful.


I will say hello to Richard and Melissa when I see them.  Richard especially would like to do RAGBRAI again.


Best Regards,


Dave Phair






Thanks for another great RAGBRAI.  The QCBC Charter service did a great job.


As I mentioned to you yesterday we left our bike computers on the chargers Friday night not realizing that the truck would be gone so early.   I talked to the guy at the truck yesterday at the Isle of Capri and he said he left them on a mat or something in Burlington and he thinks you should have them.


We had three items left on the chargers.  2 Garmin Bike Computer with the initials S-N and L-H-N on the backs and the charger.  We also had one battery pack and its charger.


Hopefully you have these.  If you let us know we can come and pick them up at your convenience.


Scott & Lynn Nyenhuis 

Bettendorf, Iowa



I reread this advice this morning. There is a lot there! You are a good leader for our team. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern for all of our members, Hope to see you on the trail again!!!

Robert Wagner

Wisconsin Rapids, Illinois






Dear Dixon,

Matt & I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into the QCBC 2018 RAGBRAI Charter Service. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience, thanks in large part to the tremendous efforts of the QCBC. We are hoping to be able to take part again in the next RAGBRAI, along with some other friends/relatives who are now excited about partaking in the experience after hearing about ours.

Thanks again, see you in 2019!

Deb & Matt Riddell
Bettendorf, Iowa


Hi Dixon


Many thanks for the RAGBRAI charter refund.
I know it was another task layered on a hundred others for RAGBRAI so I am particularly grateful for your help.

May the wind be at your back,

Ann Werner,
Portland, Oregon


Hi Dixon,

Thanks for arranging another great year!

Ralph Cantral
Charleston, South Carolina


Hi Dixon,

Thanks so much for having me as an extra, great time!!!
I enjoyed reading the stats on this trip! Who knows, maybe back next year!!!

Biking forever,
Kathy Gurvey
Glenview, Illinois



Thanks so much for reselling our RAGBRAI passes for us! We appreciate everything you do for the QCBC. It's great to be a part of such a well-established club!

Paula & Mike Nabb
Moline, Illinois




Thanks, Dixon.

I and my riding buddies Phil and Rita thoroughly enjoyed our first RAGBRAI. I've been telling everyone here what a great experience it was. I still have my RAGBRAI and QCBC bracelets on! Can't bear to take them off yet. My wife and sister keep kidding me about it, "What Bill, do you think they're still riding up there and you can just go up and rejoin them? Hahaha"

I thought QCBC did a great job. The only thing I would have liked improved was signs leading us the QCBC campsite in town. Two or 3 days we had a hard time finding the campsite.

Thanks for your efforts and hope to see you on a future ride!

Bill Goolsby
Atlanta, Georgia




As always you put on an outstanding "show". Thank you for all of your hard work.

I already can't wait until next year!!

Michael Terry
Silvis, Illinois




Thanks for you and the rest of the crew. First rate group and organization year after year!!

Chris Feld

Lees Summit, Missouri



Thank you Dixon for all you do....Sooie!

Steve Powell
Davenport, Iowa



Hi Dixon,

Best week of my year so far! Thanks for all of your help and hard work organizing RAGBRAI. In appreciation, I have a gift of Ghirardelli chocolate treats coming your way.

Please share with Joanne!

Mary Stern
San Francisco, California




Thanks again Dixon for coordinating and hosting our excellent RAGBRAI experience.

You and your team are GREAT!

Sharon & David Crowe
Sarnia, Ontario



Hi Dixon,

Thanks for making the QCBC charter a great experience for us as first timers.
The glasses you sent us were the right pair.
Thank you so much for finding Scott's glasses and returning them to me. I am so grateful.

Charlie & Scott Bates
Metamora, Illinois




My first RAGBRAI event was great.
Thanks for all your advice and allowing me to be a part of the QCBC group.

Thanks, Jeff Predmore
Conway, Arkansas Woo Pig Sooie!




Thanks again for accommodating us on RAGBRAI XLVI. We enjoyed the week.

Mike Fritz
Monona, Wisconsin



Hi Dixon:

Hope your legs have recovered from the ride :)
Terry and I wanted to tell you that we had a blast on RAGBRAI, and were very happy that we were able to join the QCBC. We were very happy with all of the services and help along the way. And so, so, so happy that you were able to help with Mary Stern's wallet :)

Thanks again for everything!!!! and Happy Cycling :)

Cathy Demeda & Terry Walsh
Toronto, Ontario



Hi Dixon

Thanks for making the QCBC charter a great experience for us as first timers.

Charlie Bates
Metamora, Illinois



Hey Dixon,

You have a great club, nice people, I had a great time. Thanks for everything!!!

Tim Peeters
St. Petersburg, Florida




Thank you so much for your guidance and direction of the Ragbrai portion of the QCBC. Evan, Colin, and I had a great time. The camp was smooth as ever. I can't imagine the hours you've spent with the little details but we appreciate it. Finally it was great seeing you out on two wheels again. Have a great rest of the summer.

Mark Stewart
Moline, Illinois




Great ride Dixon, thanks for all of your hard work!

Mike Jones
Bettendorf, Iowa



Dear Dixon,

Thanks for everything! I had a blast on the ride!
You and your staff offer Top Rate services! I could not imagine doing this ride any other way!
Keeping up with Mark was a challenge! He took good care of me though, as you all did!

Again, I appreciated everything!

Linda Toplikar
Manassas, Virginia



Hi Dixon,

Our team really appreciates all of your professionalism with all of this RAGBRAI.

Thanks so much,
Bob Petty
Shelbyville, Illinois