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Club Rides

The Quad Cities Bicycle Club offers scheduled rides 7 days per week during the warmer months.  These rides are classified as an average speed.  To view scheduled rides, see the information below. 

Club rides normally have a Ride Leader(s), as shown on the schedule.  These volunteers will be at the starting location 15 minutes before the start time of the ride.  They will circulate, meet and introduce new riders.  The Ride Leader will also ensure that all riders have signed the ride waiver form and make sure everyone is familiar with the route.  “Ride with GPS” routes will be available for many QCBC Rides allowing Riders to download a Ride’s Cue Sheet prior to or after the ride.

Policy Statements and Instructions

The club provides a starting time, a starting place, and a destination for most club rides.  Arrive at the starting place at least 15 minutes early.  Take this opportunity to introduce yourself to other riders.  Ask how far they’re going and what pace they’re going to ride.  Knowing your fellow riders will make your ride more enjoyable.  Rides begin promptly at their starting times.  Club members have ridden almost all the scheduled ride routes many times.

Club rides have designated Ride Leaders to assist those who are not familiar with the routes.  The Ride Leaders’ phone numbers are listed with the rides on the calendar event page.

Because bicycling appeals to people of diverse capabilities, riders are urged not to exceed their capability.  If you are unsure of your ability, we recommend testing your limitations by using the area bike paths.  Cycling should be enjoyable, not painful.

Many of the club’s rides attract riders who ride only a portion of the ride because of time limitations or other reasons.  All riders are urged to ride as many club rides as possible, even if they can ride only a short time or distance.  Those who have enjoyed these rides throughout the years have found that being flexible and understanding adds greatly to the enjoyment of the ride.


For most rides, we recommend bringing something to eat and having a meal before the ride begins.  Not all rides stop for a mid-ride break.

Riders should carry a water bottle, money, spare tube and tire-repair kit, pump/CO2 cartridge, tire levers and a cell phone.

We especially welcome young riders because they are the future of bicycling and our club, but a responsible adult must accompany those under 18 years of age.



Club Ride Opportunities
Members and guests are welcome to participate in QCBC Rides. Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Everyone 18 and older will need to sign a waiver at the start of each ride. 

2.  All rides will have a Ride Leader, unless otherwise listed as a “Rider’s Choice”. Cue sheets (list of turns to take during the ride) and maps are sometimes provided by the Ride Leader. 

3.  All QCBC rides stop as a group for mechanical problems, flat tires and for those not making it through stop light changes.

4.  Be able to maintain the advertised pace of the ride that you want to participate in.

5.  If you do not have the proper equipment or level of experience for the ride you have started with, the Ride Leader may ask you to ride with a group that matches your ability.

6.  Bring your bike with properly inflated tires, spare tube, tools to change a flat, pump or CO2 cartridge, helmet, and a full water bottle. 

7.  Sign in and be ready to “roll” 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for all club rides.



Group Ride Videos

Whether you have participated in Group Rides for years or new to our Club Rides these videos provided by Global Cycling Network and Road Cycling Culture will help you safely integrated in to all of our rides.


Introduction to Group Rides

Group Ride Etiquette

How to Ride Single Pace Line

How to Ride Double Pace Line


Weekly Scheduled Rides
Types of Rides

Tuesday Evening Women's Group "D" Rides

Ride Coordinators:  Jacyln Mayse 309*721*5271 & Cindy Quinn-Smith
The QCBC Cycling Divas enjoy a mid-paced ride (13-15mph average) for 20-30 miles after work on Tuesdays (April – September. Then reconvene at the end of the ride for dinner and socializing - its ladies' night out! 

 Group "A" 

Ride Coordinator:  Dohn Pfeiffer

Group “A”is our club’s top group averaging 20+ mph. 

Speeds may exceed 30-40 mph at times. This group is a serious pace for serious cyclist. Proficiency in drafting is a must, expect to be riding at a pace that you won’t maintain a conversation at.  Speed and fitness are paramount.  Dropping riders is more common with less stops for breaks.  Stops are rarely longer than it takes to drink a Gatorade. Riders in this group normally ride daily.    


Wednesday Morning Group "D" and "E" Rides
Ride Coordinator: Dave Ring

All riders are welcome to join the Wednesday morning breakfast rides.  This ride normally has both Group "E"  (10 – 12 mph) and Group "D" rides    (13-15 mph).  The group normally   sub-divides when necessary and then heads toward a favorite breakfast spot.  The rides start year-round from either Hy-Vee in Davenport (Kimberly Road at Spring St near McDonald’s) or from Hardee’s in Moline, 4th Avenue and 55th Street, which is on the East Moline border.  Consult the newsletter or the web calendar to confirm starting location and time.

Group "B" Rides 

Ride Coordinator:  Dohn Pfeiffer

Group “B”
 17-20 mph.  Riders in this group should be familiar with drafting and be able to actively participate in the pace line.  These rides are normally “drop rides” with speeds of 20+ mph at times. This group tends to be a more intense ride over a shorter period than C group. Riders in this group normally ride daily.  

January No Rides    July 8:00
February 9:00
August 8:00
March 9:00
September 8:00
April 9:00
October 9:00
May 9:00
November 9:00
June 8:00
December No Rides  

Lindsay Parking lot near where the Channel Cat docks.

Wednesday Evening Elite Group Ride
Ride Coordinator:  Kevin Wohlford

This is a 40-50 mile ride averaging 22-23mph.  The group rides in organized pacelines with several predefined sprint sections.  The course usually involves climbs and several hilly sections.  Riders in this group normally ride daily, draft well in a group, and are able to maintain high efforts for longer periods of time.  This is a drop group ride and can end with several groups on the road.

Group "C" Rides 

Ride Coordinator: Jim Hudson
Rides are at 15-17 mph.  This is the group where you start to learn how to ride in pace lines.  Emphasis is on cardio training while still being able to converse with fellow cyclist.  There are some drop rides in this group (Ride Leader Choice), however most rides will stop and wait for dropped riders periodically.  If you continually get dropped on these rides you may be asked to rejoin Group “D”.  Riders in this group normally ride three or four days a week.    

Thursday Evening Group "D" Rides
Ride Coordinator:  Bill Storm
On Thursday evening, May through August, Group "D" (13-15mph average) riders are welcome to join a group leaving at 5:00pm for a 20 – 35-mile ride in Illinois.  Please check the monthly ride schedule or the web site for starting location, which will no563-468-9694rmally be at the east end of the Ben Butterworth Parkway in Moline.


Friday Morning Group "D" Rides
Ride Coordinator:  Kathy Storm
The In-Town Friday Morning Loop Ride utilizes the Duck Creek Parkway and Riverfront Trail in Davenport and Bettendorf which form a 28 mile “Loop”.  About 5 miles of this “Loop” is on city streets. These rides are scheduled on Friday mornings, May through September, with a 9:30am start time and a 13-14 mph average pace.  A lunch stop towards the end of the ride is usually an option.

Group "D" Rides

Ride Coordinator: Bill Cummins
Average speed is 13-15 mph.  At this pace you can still converse with co-riders.  Riders get a good cardio workout but are still able to be social.  These are “no drop” rides with the peloton regrouping at several locations.  Riders in this group normally ride three or four days a week but a slower pace than the Group “C” riders.  If you continually get dropped on these rides you may be asked to rejoin Group “E”.

Group "E" Rides
Ride Coordinator:  Melissa Fowler

Is a social ride at an average speed of 10-13 mph.  Riders can easily converse with other riders while enjoying the route.  Rides may be on the bike paths and/or on area county roads.  Riders who “jack rabbit” out from of the peloton may be asked to move up to Group “D”.  Generally, these rides will not exceed 40 miles with many of the rides in the 25 – 30-mile range.  These rides are “no drop” rides.  Riders in this group normally ride 2-3 times a week.

Training Rides

Are generally scheduled for preparing for RABRAI.  When possible, these rides are broken into Groups “D” and “E” following the same route.  These rides will generally mirror the terrain riders will experience during the actually event.  Participants in these rides are expected to have been training for the event having reach a level of fitness which allows them to remain with the group.

Group "F" Rides
Ride Coordinator:
Jimmie Ring

Is a casual ride where the speed never exceeds 10 mph and the distance seldom exceeds 10-miles.  This group is for occasional riders, families, and those wanting to try group riding.  Most of these rides are on the bike paths or low traffic side streets.  Riders who “jack rabbit” out from of the peloton may be asked to move up to Group “E”.  These rides are “no drop” rides.  Riders in this group normally ride occasionally, once or twice a week.