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The QCBC was organized in early 1964 and was affiliated with the Amateur Bicycle League of America. Activities included racing, touring, and social riding. In 1971, the QCBC was incorporated into the State of Iowa. During the 1970s, QCBC activities expanded into participation into RAGBRAI, a formal club century (the Heartland Century) and the Quad Cities Criterium. The club experienced a huge increase in membership. Affiliation with the League of American Bicyclists began in the mid 1970s. By the 1980s, TOMRV was well on its way to being the top two-day tour in the Midwest, and the Criterium became the Midwest's best bicycle race. Other recreational ride activities kept pace and the newsletter and ride schedule rate near the top for quality.

In the late 1990s, the club created our web page (, implemented community support for various safety projects, and initiated support of competitive cyclists. Now well into the 21st century, the club continues to pursue the goals stated on its original letterhead over 40 years ago as enthusiastically as the original members did in the 1960s.

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QCBC Lawsuit Bettendorf Supports October  20th, 2020
Riverdale Votes to Lock Gate
June 11, 2020
Riverdale to Close Date June 11 2020
Safe Passage Thru Riverdale
October 20th, 2020
Safe Route Thru Riverdale

Cycling During The 2020 Pandemic 

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Stay-at-home orders and the closing of non-essential businesses due to the coronavirus is making a lot of people and their families feel cooped up inside. Many are taking advantage of the extra time to get outside and explore.

David Ring, President of the Quad Cities Bicycle Club, has noticed it too. On his daily bike rides through Davenport with his wife, he says he's seeing more people out on the trails.

"Actually it's amazing," Ring said. "The last couple of weeks, we've seen more bikes out on the bike paths, in the streets than I've ever seen."

He says many people are searching for new ways to get out and stay active as they self isolate and work from home.

"They hate being in the house all the time," he says. "Get out; do something." 

Ring, hope the busy trails are a part of the new normal after this pandemic.



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Quad Cities Bicycle Club Hosts Rails to Trails Conservancy 

Quad Cities- August 28th, 2019, Rails-To-Trails -Conservancy (RTC) gathered the region's trails community, tourism and economic development leader and elected officials to celebrate the Quad Cities regional trail network, highlighting the benefits and future potential of the area's cross-state trail system.

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Great American Trail

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QCBC First 40 Years Part 1
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QCGC First 40 Years Part 3


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