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Quad Cities Bicycle Club Map & Trails Page

1.  The  first section contains  the QC Trails which is administered by the Bi-State Regional Commission and the Ride Illinois organization which produced the Quad Cities Metro Area  Bicycle Map.

2.  The second section is Ride With GPS maps that contain easy, moderate and difficult rides in the greater Quad Cities area.  Categories are based on distance and or terrain.  Each map is downloadable to a Garmin or your Smartphone using the Ride With GPS application.  
3.  The third section is routes that are out of the area but are recommended by club members for exploration.

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Section 1:  These maps give you an overview of bike trails in the Quad Cities area.  You can download the Metro Area Bike Map or pick a copy up at the Visitor Centers in Moline or Davenport.
QC Metro Area Bike Map Small
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The QCBC has many bicycle route maps submitted by our members.  The maps are organized by starting location and distance.  They provide a turn-by-turn cue sheet, a map with the roads highlighted, and an elevation map.  In general, routes are on low volume city, state, township roads, in addition to some bike trails.  Tailwind Century, TOMRV que sheets are also available, along with numerous other maps and trail data. The QCBC has a club account with Ride W/GPS.  Active members have access to over 100 bicycle routes in the Greater Quad Cities Area.  To access the Library click here:

If you haven not established your QCBC/Ride W/GPS account click here to request access:


Urban Biking  (Last updated 2022)

The Quad Cites has an emerging number of streets with bicycle lanes, Sharrows or bike/ped trails (parallel to the road):

Rock Island:
bike lanes on parts of 7th Avenue and 17th/24th Street.  Sharrows have been added to 31st Ave, 20/17th Streets, and 38th Street south of 31st Avenue.

bike lanes on parts of Marquette Street, Jersey Ridge Road, and Pine Street.  Separated trails have been installed along most of Veteran’s Memorial Parkway and 53rd St.

Separated trails have been installed along sections of Middle Road, 53rd Avenue, Devils Glen Road, Tanglefoot Lane, Forest Grove Rd and Hopewell Avenue.  Bike lanes have been added to Forest Grove Rd and Tanglefoot.

East Moline: bike lanes on John F Kennedy Drive from 15th Ave to Ave of the Cities.

The Quad Cities Metro Bike Map displays streets, trails, and bike lanes conducive to cycling.  This map was updated in late 2019 and is available at local area bike shops.




Dorrance Forest Preserve:  Located in Port Byron, this park offers 3.5 miles of single-track mt. bike trails.  Access is from 94th Ave. North.

Great River Trail: Runs from Rock Island's Sunset Marina to Savanna along the Mississippi River on blacktop trail and local roads, 67 miles, and is part of the Grand Illinois Trail.

Kiwanis Trail:  Runs from Rock Island's 44th Street to Moline's 60th Street along the Rock River, including the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge crossing the Rock River into Milan, on mixed surfaces - concrete, blacktop, dirt, and local roads, about 5.5 miles.

Hennepin Canal Parkway Trail:  Starts in Milan from the Mississippi River to the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, linking to the Kiwanis Trail, on mixed surfaces – concrete, blacktop and local roads, about 5 miles. The trail resumes in Colona, IL and goes east to Sterling or Hennepin, primarily crushed limestone.

Sylvan Island Trails:  Starts at the Moline-Rock Island border, 1 mile west of the TaxSlayer Center.  About 3 miles of technical dirt single track for mountain biking and hiking.

Illiniwek Forest Preserve Trails:  These trails are within the preserve in Hampton. About 4 miles of dirt single-track multi-use trails suitable for mountain biking and hiking .



Mississippi Riverfront Trail/Lane: Starts at Utah Ave, on Davenport’s far West side, continues along Concord St to the Credit Island Bridge, around Credit Island and then along the Mississippi River to Riverdale (blacktop & some roads, about 13 miles.

Duck Creek Parkway; from Davenport's Emies Park to the State Street turnaround in Bettendorf/Riverdale on blacktop and concrete, about 11.5 miles.

Sunderbruch Park Trails; within the park from Davenport's Telegraph Road to Ricker Hill Road on a blacktop trail for about 1 mile.  This park also has 7 miles of dirt multi-use single-track trails suitable for mountain biking, hiking and horses with 3 levels of difficulty.

Scott County Park Trails: within the park about 10 miles north of Davenport.  Dirt multi-use, hike, bike, and horse trails.

For more information about Quad-City area bike trails:

Quad Cities Metro Bike Map - available at area bike shops and tourism centers

Visit Quad Cities -, click “Get Outdoors” and select “Biking”

Ride Illinois –, click “Maps” link in the navigation bar near top of page.

Friends of Off-Road Cycling, and click “QC Trails” link

Off-Road Cycling

We encourage mountain biking in a responsible manner.   Low impact cycling techniques emphasize courtesy towards all trail users and respect for the land.

IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) Trail Rules:

  1. Ride only on open trails.
  2. Leave no trace.
  3. Always control your bike.
  4. Always yield to other trail users.
  5. Never spook animals.
  6. Plan ahead and be prepared.

Off Road Riding Requires Favorable Trail Conditions:  Please Leave No Trace.  If your tread is leaving an impression, it is too wet!  Please consider other options when the trails are wet and muddy.  It's no fun cleaning a muddy bike or fixing a damaged trail.

We recommend that you do most of your conditioning on the roads or paved trails to prevent damaging trails when conditions are not favorable.  Consider winter riding in the morning to prevent riding on thawing or muddy trails.