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Keosauqua City Park, 100 Van Buren St., Keosauqua, IA 52565

Enjoy a fun-filled weekend ride through the quiet countryside in the award-winning Villages of Van Buren County, Iowa! We offer several route options to accommodate every level of rider. You'll enjoy some of the finest hospitality around with SAG Wagon, Technical support provided and complimentary drinks and refreshments at each Village, approx. every 8-12 miles apart. Families are welcomed and encouraged!!

Email: info@villagesofvanbuen.com

Website: http://villagesofvanburen.com/bike-van-buren.html

Last Year the Tour De Brew had over 500 Riders, from 64 Cities in 6 States, and we raised over $21,000 for Local Cancer Charities!!!

This is our 5th Year, on the 5th day of the 5th month and it couldn't be more appropriate for our ride as the 5th year in Cancer recover is a major milestone. Survivors often suffer debilitating side effects from treatment, and in this nation's fight against cancer, survivors need access to resources to help them get back to living during and after treatment.

So please join us this year, to make it the BIGGEST YEAR YET!!!


After years of planning and fund raising led by the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, the high trestle trail grand opening was held in April 2011. This new 25 mile trail connects 5 Central Iowa communities, 4 counties and 670 miles of trails in Central Iowa. The highlight of this trail is the bridge crossing the Des Moines River on the northern reaches of the Saylorville Project. The trail bridge, a former Union Pacific railroad bridge, is one of the largest in the world at 1/2 mile in length and 13 stories tall.