Melon City Bike Club is hosting a Century Bike Ride this Saturday, August 30 (with a rain date of Sunday, August 31).

Cost is only $5.00 for non-members and includes two rest stops with food.

There is a picnic afterwards starting at 4:00 pm
Must RSVP to Connie Mann -
or call 563-263-8933

The second full moon ride will take place on Tuesday September 9th. We will meet at the Airport park off of Indian Bluff Rd. at 7:45 pm. We will be riding up 50th st and then over to Coal Valley and then out toward Orion. The route will be 26-28 miles and speeds around 14-15 mph.

It's very important that riders have both a good quality headlight and tail light, it will be very dark by the time we finish.

Join us for a lot of fun. Questions call Jim Hudson 756-0953 (evening) or 787-9660 (days)

The present QC Metro Bike Map came out three and a half years ago. It's time for a revised version, for the spring of 2015.

Please come to a meeting where we will take a broad look at the present map and make suggestions for improvements. Don't agree with the present map's preferred streets and avenues? Now's your chance to discuss changes. And what about the flip side of the map? What needs to be changed there?
  • When: Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014
  • Time: 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
  • Where: Rock Island downtown Public Library, Community room, 2nd floor.
Chuck Oestreich

"To The Edge and Back"
  • Date: Saturday, September 13, 2014
  • Start Location: 11th Street Precinct, East Village, Davenport, Iowa
  • Check-in Time: 10:00 a.m.
  • Ride Start: 11:00 a.m.
  • Distance: 30 miles
  • Pace: Leisure
  • Registration: Free - Just go to The 11th Street Precinct Face Book Page and "Join" the Just for Fun Pub Ride - To The Edge and Back!
The 11th Street Precinct will host a second JUST FOR FUN Pub Ride "To The Edge and Back". Our inaugural ride was so much fun that we decided to host an end of summer ride for all who didn't get to join in the fun last May.
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This 30 mile ride will start at 11th Street Precinct in the Village of East Davenport and head across the Government Bridge at the Rock Island Arsenal and north up the Great River Trail to The Edge in Rapids City, IL where a way party awaits complete with lunch and drink specials!

Sag stops include TGIF, Captain's Table, Cycle Therapy at Beacon Harbor and The Edge. All stops offer food, beverages, restrooms and Cycle Therapy where you can buy bikes, bike supplies and repair services. (See attached ride map).

The 11th Street Precinct will open at 10:00 a.m. on day of Just for Fun Pub Ride and offer beverages and a full menu starting at 11:00 a.m. The ride will launch at 11:00 a.m. and is open to all who want to ride just for fun!

To sign-up for this ride go to the 11th Street Precinct Face Book Page and "Join" the Just for Fun Pub Ride. There is no registration fee - the ride is free.

For more information or questions, contact Kathy MacBeth at 515.802.5566 or

There is no rain date for this ride

With its history dating from 1964, the Quad Cities Bicycle Club is one of the oldest continuing sports organizations in the Quad Cities. Beginning with a membership of 27 the club has grown to approximately 1100 and now ranks as the sixth largest bicycle club in the United States. During those 50 years the organization has been instrumental in the encouragement for the safe use of bicycles, the championing for bike trails and the encouragement for the health benefits from and environmentally friendly utilization of the bike. Now, we can see the story of the people who founded this organization, and of those who contributed over the years toward the position of respect held by the club today.

Thanks to the gracious cooperation of the owners of QCCrossfit Fitness Center of Moline, IL allowing us space in their facility, we are able to present the story of the Quad Cities Bicycle Club in exhibit form during the period of August 18 through August 30. The exhibit is available for view to the general public during business hours of QCCrossfit.

3800 River Drive
Moline, IL

In conjunction with the exhibit, a reenactment of the first social ride held by the club in May 1964 is scheduled. The public is encouraged to participate. There is no charge for this ride. A waiver will be required to sign by all riders as will the use of helmets. The ride will be conducted primarily on bike paths, and will be social/leisure in nature. The route will be from Lincoln Park, Rock Island to the exhibit at QCCrossfit in Moline then to Bettendorf hooking up with the Duck Creek bike path, then on Jersey Ridge Road to the East Village in Davenport for brunch after which the planned ride will return to Lincoln Park ending the scheduled program.

8:00AM August 30, 2014
Lincoln Park
11th Avenue and 38th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

Joe Jamison
(309) 235-4284

This year's Chili Ride will be held Sunday, Oct. 19th and will start and end at
Bettendorf's Middle Park Lagoon shelter.


New Ride on Sunday Afternoons - Burger Basket Ride

A new ride is being added to the Leisure/Social Ride Schedule in September. It will start at Governor's, in Bettendorf at 4pm on the following dates: September 7 and 14. On September 14th, there will also be a MidPaced Ride starting at 4pm (featuring a faster pace and longer distance), riding a different route and then meeting back at Governor's for dinner as well.

The "Burger Basket Ride" will be a 2 - 2.5 hr ride followed by an optional dinner back at Governor's where a $3.95 burger basket special is available. If you are unable to ride (or it is raining), come meet us for dinner around 6:15pm.

Governor's in Bettendorf is located at the corner of Middle Rd and Devil's Glen Rd. Please park north of the restaurant along Devil's Glen Rd if possible. The route (with some hills) may include city streets, bike/ped trails, separated bike trails and possibly some county roads depending upon the weather. The length of the ride will be 20-25 miles.

For additional information, contact Kathy Storm at: 563-355-2564 or

Aug 16, 2014 By Deirdre Baker

New road construction in rural Scott County includes paved shoulders in some areas, a safety factor for drivers, including those who bicycle on such roads as well those who exercise along them on foot.

"That's just one thing a paved shoulder does," Scott County Engineer Jon Burgstrum said, noting that the increased amount of pavement makes it easier for farmers who drive large agricultural equipment.

The shoulders are angled slightly down from the roads, so rain and snow drains easily into the ditch.

"Snowplowing is also much easier," Burgstrum said, and there are lower maintenance costs overall.

The reasoning for the paved shoulders came from the 2008 Scott County Comprehensive Plan, he said. That plan calls for increased bike trails as well as items such as paved shoulders.

We held our first "Full Moon ride" Sunday night. We started out at the Freight House parking lot with a group of 9 riders. Sadly the "Super" Moon wasn't visible because of the clouds but it didn't diminish the fun we had riding by headlights. Our route took us to Credit Island and then across the bridge to South Concord. There was a little breeze coming across the river which helped keep the temps perfectly cool. We continued on to Buffalo for a quick stop at Casey's and then up the hill to Coon Hunter's Rd. Lots of fun and conversation on the way until we reached 61. We started to pickup some sprinkles of rain so we made a quick turn around and headed back. We met "Bareback" Dean Mathias on Concord the way back and he rode back with us. Back at the Freight House we all agreed that this was one awesome ride and a very cool alternative way to see(by headlight)the world.

What did we take away from this ride?
  1. Not all headlights are created equally, Chad's light lit the whole road up and looked like the light on the front of a locomotive while some of the others barely lit the road at all.
  2. You really need a tail light, No one can see you without one.
  3. We Really need to have more night time rides!!!!
Join us next time and see what you're missing.

Jim Hudson

The City of Davenport and the Quad Cities CVB are making a bid for Davenport to be the end point of RAGBRAI in 2015. Here's the latest update:
  • Partnering with Iowa City/Coralville to be Friday night overnight.
  • Davenport city council has passed resolution of invitation
  • Quad City Times Bix 7 contacted so both events can dovetail as in 2011.
  • RAGBRAI director TJ Juskiewicz and family invited to visit and get reaquainted with Iowa Quad Cities.
More to come.
Joe Taylor

Please, be advised of conflicting information relating to the "Founders Ride" or "QCBC 50th Anniversary Ride" announced in the August issue of the Pedalwheeling newsletter.

An outdated announcement appears on page 10 giving the date as August 16th.. This incorrect date also appears on page 16, and is to be disregarded.

The correct date and information appears on page 7 and includes the August 30th date.

I apologize for this error and hope that no inconvenience was created for anyone as a result.

Joe Jamison

Sunday Sept 21, 2014

The 2014 edition of the Heartland Century will be happening with a revised route and 2 distance options of roughly 60 and 100 miles. Both courses start at Illiniwek Park in Illinois. There will be a sag stop in Geneseo at the Gazebo in the city park, for the short route, and you'll hit it twice for the long route. The lunch stop for the long route will be in Andover. Both stops will be stocked with Sandwiches, fruits, beverages and energy bars, and there will be Snacks at the end also.

2014 Fall Tailwind Century

Come join us for 2014 Fall Tailwind Century Ride which will be held Saturday, October 4th.

We'll start to load bikes at Ben Butterworth Parkway at 6:30 a.m. and leave at 7 a.m. for our starting destination. There will be one bus, with a limit of about 45 people. The drive normally takes about two hours. Once there, we'll unload the bikes and send you on your way after handing out cue sheets. We will have a secure area (probably a locked trailer) for any gear you don't want to haul back on your bike. The entry fee is $30. There will be a basic sag stop about 50 to 60 miles into the ride, with water, Gatorade, sub sandwiches and other goodies. Every route has plenty of small towns with services along the way if you need a full lunch.

Now is the time to make plans to join Deb and Dean Mathias and others for the 2014 QCBC Fall Foliage Ride in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, on October 4th and 5th. The ride starts at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 4th from the Military Ridge Bike Trail parking lot and will be 50 to 60 miles. The ride starts at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday from the same location and will be 40 to 50 miles. The Mathias' will drive to Mt. Horeb on Friday, October 3rd.

We realize that this weekend is in conflict with the Fall Tailwind Ride this year. The ride had to be moved up a weekend due to a conference that will occupy Mt. Horeb the second weekend in October.

Just a reminder, the QCBC posts rides and tours you might be interested in. These rides can be found by clicking the "Rides/Tours" link on the left side of our page.

Please note: The QCBC does not assume any responsibility for these rides and provides these listings as a service to our members.


August 28, 2014
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