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Due to the uncertainty of the current pandemic and everyone’s health and safety we are canceling the 2021 Spring Tailwind Century. We plan to have this year’s Fall Tailwind if the pandemic has subsided.

We are currently looking for a new Tailwind Coordinator.  Don Luth who has organized the event in the past has decided to resign as Coordinator.  If you or someone you know would be interested please contact Don Luth and he will tell you the details of organizing the event.  Don has also published a SOP on how to organize the event.  Contact Don or Dave Ring for additional information.


If you have a credit from the 2019 Fall Tailwind, you will be able to use it on the 2021 Fall Tailwind or can request a refund by contacting Don Luth who will forward your request to the QCBC Treasurer for payment.



Don Luth 




Hi Spring Tailwind Riders,


Come join us for the Spring Tailwind Ride and start your 2019 by riding a Century. It will be held Saturday, May 9th. Registration for this ride will be open from February 10th until May 3rd on the club website.

We’ll start to load bikes at The Bend (111 Bend Blvd, East Moline, IL 61244) at 6:30 a.m. and leave at 7 a.m. for our starting destination. Please bring a blanket to protect your bike during transportation to our starting point. There will be two buses, with a limit of about 90 people. The drive normally takes about two hours. Once there, we’ll unload the bikes and send you on your way after handing out cue sheets. We will have a secure area (probably a locked trailer) for any gear you don’t want to haul back on your bike. There will be a basic sag stop about 50 to 60 miles into the ride.

The Tailwind Committee is comprised of Dave Thompson, Janette Harrington and Don Luth.



Video tips on training for your spring century ride
Click on picture to start video

Tailwind Century Maps

All Tailwind Century rides end at the Bend, in East Moline, IL

QCBC assumes no liability for abnormal road conditions, high volume traffic, or accuracy. In general, routes are on low volume city, county, state, township roads, in addition to some bike paths. 





Tailwind_Cue_Sheet_Washburn_IL.pdf Southeast 100 miles 3075 ft
Tailwind_Cue_Sheet_lewistown_IL.pdf South 101 miles 3300 ft

Soutwest 103 miles 2710 ft
Tailwind_Cue_Sheet_Byron_IL.pdf Northeast 105 miles 4200 ft
Tailwind_Cue_Sheet_Shabbona_IL.pdf East 106 miles 1550 ft





Tailwind_Cue_Sheet_Farley_IA.pdf North Northwest 100 miles 3900 ft
Tailwind_Cue_Sheet_Dubuque.pdf North 101 miles 4000 ft
Tailwind_Cue_Sheet_Central_City_IA.pdf Northwest 103 miles 3600 ft
Tailwind_Cue_Sheet_Webster_IA.pdf West 104 miles 3715 ft