Tour Of the Mississippi River Valley
June 8-9 2019

2016 Recap

A big thanks to all of you for making TOMRV a great ride this year! On Saturday the heat added to the challenge with an afternoon high in Dubuque of a muggy 88 degrees. Sunday's cooler temps and light breezes made for an awesome cycling day.

Our final rider count was 1,238, which is up over 100 riders from last year. First year riders were 29% of the total, women accounted for 24%, and the average rider age was 50. Our applause goes to the youngest rider who is 5 years old and the oldest rider who is 96 (ninety-six). Thanks to you repeat riders for telling your friends about our ride, TOMRV.

Good news - we had no accidents reported this year. One rider was stopped by heat exhaustion, but the report is that he is OK now. A fair number of riders were challenged by the heat including me. Wasn't it so satisfying to arrive in Dubuque, despite the insult of the final hill up to Clarke University?

How did you like the new band, "Jason Carl & the Whole Damn Band" this year? It happens that JasonŐs wife rode her first TOMRV this year, and while driving into Dubuque, the band passed her riding up the Clarke hill.

We added a wine tasting event this year on top of our beer garden for a relaxing time after your ride. How about the banquet - can you believe how delicious the food tasted?

The tour next year will be June 10-11, 2017. Have a great riding summer. If you are thinking RAGBRAI, you are ready to go. Remember TOMRV for next year. Like us on Facebook. Registration will open on December 1, 2016.

Last of all, thanks to all of our nearly 100 TOMRV volunteers for making this year's ride a big success. See you on TOMRV next year.

Doug Truesdell
TOMRV Coordinator