Tour Of the Mississippi River Valley
June 7-8, 2014

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TOMRV is the Tour Of the Mississippi River Valley, a Midwest cycling tradition since 1978. Every year 1,500 bicycling enthusiasts come to ride the TOMRV tour. They enjoy a well supported, challenging ride on scenic roads, through Midwest farmland, and along the Mississippi River.

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TOMRV 37 - 2014
The 2014 TOMRV tour will be June 7-8. We are looking forward to the tour and hope to see you there.
Packet Materials
The 2014 TOMRV packet materials are available here.
Online registration opened on Feb 1 at 6AM CST.
Fewer Clarke Suites this year
This year Clarke is using the 6 room apartments (suites) for summer residents. In the past they reserved a floor on a dormitory for summer residents. This means that there are fewer suites for TOMRV, just 5 this year. For you riders who enjoy suites each year, think about a plan B.
Preston Start will be in Goose Lake
Due to a conflict in the town of Preston, we will be staging the "Preston" start in Goose Lake instead. Some of our documents already say Preston, but it is Goose Lake.

The Northeast School in Goose Lake has offered to host us this year. The school campus is six miles south of Preston. It has off road parking for all the our cars, grounds for Friday evening campers, and will bathrooms and showers open for us. Our packet pickup and luggage handling will be there at the campus as well.

The route on Saturday will go East from Goose Lake for one mile, then join with the Bettendorf starting riders. The Sunday route will go thru Preston, and the Preston Lions will again have their BBQ. But the finish to cars and baggage will be in Goose Lake.

Since this is a significant change for us habit-bound riders, we will do our best to keep reminding you about it, so hopefully no one gets to Preston on Saturday morning and wonders what happened to the tour.

Campers at Clarke - bring your own towels
Campers at Clarke - you may notice that the camping fee at Clarke is down this year by $4. This reduction is because towels will not be provided for campers this year. The showers are open to campers just like always, but bring your own towel. This does not apply to Sleeping Bag spaces.
New this year
$20 off registration for riders 25 years old and younger on June 8 2014.
$5 off registration for club members.
Invite a friend or family to Dubuque for TOMRV
Dubuque has many interesting attractions including the nationally famous Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, the Harbor Hotel and Water Park, and a unique funicular. There are also many unique shops and good restaurants.

You don't have to ride from Bettendorf. The Heritage bike trail starts in Dubuque and is a flat option to the hills of TOMRV.

There will be discount coupons for some of the attractions.

For detailed information.

So, meet your friend or family member at Dubuque and have a fun day as well.

October 20, 2014
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