Jul 22-28 2018

Services & Costs

Charter Services are available through 07/01/18 or until services are SOLD OUT.

The QCBC Charter Service includes the following options for your package: You must select one of the following Charter Services to obtain your weeklong RAGBRAI TAGS through the QCBC. We are not simply TAG brokers for RAGBRAI.

SILVER - Bus Out & Weeklong Camping/Baggage Service $210.00
WHITE - Weeklong Camping/Baggage Service $110.00


The Daily Camp/Baggage Fee applies only to Day TAG wristband holders $30.00
The Saturday morning bicycle load/check-in per person fee applies only to our charter guests who are unable to arrive for our Friday afternoon Packet Pickup $30.00
Our RAGBRAI XLVI Jersey raffle is to benefit RAGBRAI's Dream Team $5.00
Bicycle ONLY Transport to the QCBC Campsite in Onawa
  • Road, Mountain or Cross Transport   (included in our SILVER charter service)
  • Tandem, Recumbent, Other Transport   (included in our CHARTER charter service)


The 2018 QCBC RAGBRAI Charter Service is SOLD OUT/CLOSED.