Submitted by: Don Luth
The riders who participated in this year's Chili Ride got treated to a sunny, windy and abnormally warm day for their ride.

Janette Harrington led the 16 leisure-paced riders with Dick Wolbers doing the sweep, they had two options either 18 or 25 miles on the Duck Creek bike path.

The 26 mid-paced riders rode west across the Duck Creek bike path, and then down Wisconsin Avenue and across Sunderbruch Park and then up Ricker Hill, Hwy 61, Utah Ave, Chapel Hill Road, Wapello Avenue, S Concord returning on the Riverfront bike path, they rode 37 miles with Ken Urban leading the ride.

The 16 fast-paced riders took the Duck Creek bike path east to Valley Drive through Pleasant Valley, LeClaire, Princeton, Mc Clausland, Scott County Park, Park View and back on Utica Ridge and 18th Street to Middle Park, this ride covered 51 miles.

Big thanks to Janette, Ken and Dick for leading and sweeping rides. When the riders return to Middle Park Lagoon shelter they were treated to chili, chicken and wild rice soup, and cookies catered by HyVee. Also, thanks to Becky Luth for manning the lunch stop as well as for making meatless vegetable soup, banana muffins and pumpkin bars. Thanks to all participating and helping make this a success.

Please plan to attend next year and enjoy the ride, fellowship and food.